About The African Collection – African beaded jewellery

I started to import from Africa after I spent almost two years there. During my stay, I worked as a volunteer in an animal rehabilitation centre in South Africa and  also spent time at a Chimp Orphanage in Zambia.

While in South Africa I became aware of the importance of beadwork to the local cultures and of the amazing work that was being done. I first brought back some jewellery to gauge the reaction of people here. Since then I have formed my own company and now import a number of different ranges. I have expanded the range to include pieces from all over the continent and other parts of the world.

I am Australian as is the company. I am committed to playing my part in the development of Africa and in some small way the empowerment of its people.

My passion is the support for Animal Conservation and Rehabilitation consequently The Company pays a percentage of its net profit to support the following African animal conservation and rehabilitation projects.

The Cape Leopard Trust – South Africa http://www.capeleopard.org.za/
Chimfunshi Chimpanzee Orphanage – Zambia http://www.chimfunshi.org.za/
The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust- Elephant and Rhino fostering projects – Kenya. https://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org/
Please visit these sites and if you feel so inclined, give them your support.
I hope you enjoy the range I have put together.


Louise Littlewood
Managing Director
The African Collection Pty Limited
ACN 114 156 599 ABN 56 114 156 599