African Earth Beaded Necklace DNE27


African Earth Beaded Necklace: Choker style in a colour mix of royal blue offset with bright contrasting beads. Made in South Africa.

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This African Earth beaded necklace comes from the outskirts of Durban, South Africa.

It reflects the beauty of Africa in the colours used by the beaders. While some pieces are a traditional style the colours used are different.

This jewellery is influenced by the cosmopolitan stream of tourists into the area so, therefore, does not conform to any one particular culture. The crafters/beaders adapt and create a vibrant mix from a variety of materials.

The supplier is committed to uplifting African craftsmen and women, some of whom lack basic formal education (especially the case in rural areas). By supporting these artisans African Earth creates sustainable employment which, in turn, also supports their families.

African Earth sources products from craft projects all over South Africa and other African countries. They only buy direct from the artists and crafters, always adhering to the Fair Trade ethos of paying fair and sustainable prices.

Significance of beads

The desire for personal adornment appears to be universal, dating back at least 25,000 years. African beadwork not only serves as decorative jewellery but also as a complex introduction into the colourful web of traditional life.

The Zulu, Ndebele, and Xhosa of South Africa also use beads to create culturally distinctive forms of jewelry. Ornaments are used to delineate the unique identity of each culture and most of the beadwork found in eastern and southern Africa is worn by all members of society
Like the Zulu language itself, the bead language is rich in nuance and complexity and can only really be fully comprehended by those immersed in the culture.


N.B A percentage of my net profit goes to support African wildlife projects. At present these include The Cape Leopard Trust, Chimfunshi Chimp Orphanage in Zambia and The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust- Elephant and Rhino fostering projects.