Contemporary handmade necklace a beautiful piece of blues, greens and gold seed beads, +- 44.5cm/17.5″. Made in South Africa.

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Sulo is a contemporary handmade necklace range developed by myself and a South African beader from Cape Town.

Many pieces draw on the colour of African wildlife for its inspiration. Others reflect the vibrancy of the nation.

The African Collection of handmade African jewellery takes beadwork to new levels. It combines traditional skills with contemporary designs to create jewellery which delights the senses with its richness and colour.

This creates employment and the opportunity for local economies to develop.

While beading, women have always talked with each other and their daughters about life, values and social expectations.

The African Collection’s beaded African jewellery designs are contemporary creations so do not adhere to the strict colour codes of traditional beads but rather draw on the old and new to create unique pieces.

This is only one example. There are many others, including bracelets.

While in South Africa I became aware of the importance of beadwork to the local cultures and of the amazing work that was being done. I first brought back some jewellery to find out the reaction of people here.

Following that I formed my own company and now import a number of different ranges. However, I am Australian, as is the Company.

In addition, a percentage of my net profit goes to support African wildlife projects. At present these include The Cape Leopard Trust, Chimfunshi Chimp Orphanage in Zambia and The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust- Elephant and Rhino fostering projects.

I hope you enjoy the range as much as I have enjoyed putting it together.

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