Kazuri (DNK-101)


Long Ceramic Necklace in a dramatic mix of black, honey and caramel coloured ceramic beads in different patterns and shapes all hand made and painted.

Length: 76cm 30″.

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Long Ceramic Necklace

KAZURI, the Swahili word for “small and beautiful”. It began in 1975 with a workforce of two African women. The vision was to create employment for disadvantaged and unemployed people, especially single mothers, in the town and region of Karen in Kenya.

The founders soon discovered that there were many other women in villages around Nairobi, most of whom were single mothers and were in great need of regular employment. The mission of Kazuri is therefore to provide and sustain employment opportunities for disadvantaged members of Kenyan society. With this aim in mind Kazuri has grown and currently has more than 340 people working in their workshop.

These women have developed a top quality product, which has enabled Kazuri to compete at an international level.


This wonderful jewelry, which depicts the  beauty of Africa, starts from when the clay is collected from Mount Kenya and processed onsite.

Each bead is then hand rolled, carefully shaped, polished, fired, painted with designs, glazed and fired again. After many hands have touched and created, it is then assembled into a beautiful piece of Fair Trade jewellery which is admired throughout the world.

The Kazuri workshop is situated on a section of what was the farm owned by Karen Von Blixen. Baroness Von Blixen was portrayed by Meryl Streep in the film ‘Out of Africa’.


In addition Kazuri has a clinic, which provides free medical care for its employees and their immediate families.


The African Collection is delighted to have this quality jewelry in its collection and, in a small way, help to support the principles of Kazuri in creating empowerment for Kenyans.

I hope that the Kazuri story inspires you to purchase a piece which, in turn, becomes part of the chain in improving the lot of others.  This Long Ceramic Necklace is only one of several styles available.


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